Abstract submission

Instructions for sending abstracts

Abstract form

Abstract submission deadline – September 30th 2022


  1. Abstracts published or presented previously at scientific and/or professional meetings will be not accepted.
  2. Requests for possible changes in the abstract content should be addressed only electronically before abstract submission deadline on e-mail address sazeci@kongres.upubih.com. Please, use as the subject term ABSTRACT CHANGES/CORRECTIONS). No further changes will be possible beyond that date.
  3. Corresponding author is required to provide precise contact details for further correspondence.
  4. Scientific Committee will review all received abstracts and select those for short oral or poster presentation. Please mark on Abstract form kind of submission of your abstract (short oral or poster presentation) as well as choose only one topic from the list. Estimated time for each oral presentation will depends of session type in the Congress Programme.
  5. All instructions for authors of oral presentations will be posted on Congress website.
  6. Accepted abstracts will be included in the Book of Abstracts if registration fee for presenting author is fully paid up to October 10th, 2022. In case that presenting author does not pay the Registration fee until the above date, abstract will be not included in the Book of Abstracts.
  7. Author of accepted abstract will present their poster or short oral presentation due the course of the session allocated by the Scientific Committee.
  8. Please, do not include footnotes as a part of your abstract and avoid bolding, underlining and otherwise changing the fonts in the abstract body.
  9. If drug names are used in the abstract, authors are advised to use generic name only. In case of using commercial names, abstract will be not accepted.


  1. Abstract should be written in English.
  2. For Abstract form please write on sazeci@kongres.upubih.com
  3. Please submit your abstract in Word format only, attached to the e-mail and send to sazeci@kongres.upubih.com.
  4. Abstract should not exceed 300 words without title, authors and parts of the abstract body. The use of tables and figure is not allowed.
  5. Write Abstracts in Word only, font type Times New Roman, size:12 pt, line spacing 1.5.
  6. Title should be written in block letters, CAPS, bold, 12 pt, Times New Roman.
  7. Write full family name, given name and affiliation of the author and all co-authors (no more than 5 co-authors per abstract). Underline the name of the presenting author and provide exact contact details of corresponding author (if is different of author’s contact details).
  8. Abstract should include: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusions (in “Case reports” as Results give short case report description).
  9. Write up to 4 keywords.
  10. Up to 3 references are allowed.
  11. Standard abbreviations should be used. For new abbreviations use the parentheses after the first use of the term.
  12. Original abstracts will not be edited. Linguistic and grammatical accuracy are the sole responsibility of the author(s). Abstract text will be published as is submitted.
  13. Abstract(s) will be allocated to poster or short oral presentation sessions by the Scientific Committee.
  14. Deadline for Abstract submission is September 30th, 2022.